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Rezension: Albert Camus – Journalist in der Résistance Bd I & II

albert_camusAlbert Camus –  Journalist in der Résistance Bd I & II

Eine Rezension von Andreas Gautsch, Institut für Anarchismusforschung, Februar 2015

Nach den „Libertären Schriften“ von Albert Camus bringt der Laika Verlag nun zwei weitere Bände zu der journalistischen Arbeit von Albert Camus heraus. Die Bände 50 + 51 der Laika Theorie Reihe sind die von Jacqueline Lévi-Valensi,

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Deutsche AntifaschistInnen in Barcelona 1933 – 1939

Mi. 09.07.2014 Buchvorstellung 20:00 Vokü ab 19:00
Deutsche AntifaschistInnen in Barcelona (1933-1939)
Die Gruppe „Deutsche Anarchosyndikalisten“ (DAS)

Deutsche AntifaschistInnen in Barcelona 1933 – 1939_DruckAm 19. Juli 1936 trat eine kleine Gruppe deutscher EmigrantInnen in Barcelona ins Rampenlicht der politischen Öffentlichkeit. An der Seite ihrer spanischen GenossInnen kämpften Mitglieder der Gruppe „Deutsche Anarchosyndikalisten im Ausland“ (DAS) gegen deutsche Nationalsozialisten, die sich

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Albert Camus & der Anarchismus

Vortrag von Lou Marin und Diskussion

So 11. Mai 2014 19:00 (Vokü ab 18:00)

Albert Camus – Libertäre Schriften (1948 – 1960)
„Der etwas andere Camus…“

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Neue Bücher: Lou Marin Albert Camus – Libertäre Schriften (1948 – 1960)

Deutsche AntifaschistInnen in Barcelona 1933 – 1939

Die Gruppe Deutsche Anarchosyndikalisten (DAS)

DAS_barcelona_kleinDieter Nelles, Ulrich Linse, Harald Piotrowski, Carlos García

425 Seiten, 24,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-939045-22-9

Am 19. Juli 1936 trat eine kleine Gruppe deutscher EmigrantInnen in Barcelona ins Rampenlicht der politischen Öffentlichkeit. An der Seite ihrer spanischen GenossInnen kämpften Mitglieder der Gruppe „Deutsche Anarchosyndikalisten im Ausland“ (DAS) gegen deutsche Nationalsozialisten, die sich den putschenden Militärs unter General Franco angeschlossen hatten. Beim Sturm auf den Deutschen Klub erbeutete die DAS Dokumente, die

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1000 Bücher sind Katalogisiert

Es sind nun 1000 Bücher im Bibliothekskatalog (OPAC).


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26 New – PM Press Books

10001In Letters of Blood and Fire: Work, Machines, and the Crisis of Capitalism

Karl Marx remarked that the only way to write about the origins of capitalism is in the letters of blood and fire used to drive workers from the common lands, forests, and waters in the sixteenth century. In this collection of essays, George Caffentzis argues that the same is true for the annals of twenty-first-century capitalism. Information technology, immaterial production, financialization, and globalization have been trumpeted as inaugurating a new phase of capitalism that puts it beyond its violent origins. Instead of being a period of major social and economic novelty, however, the course of recent decades has been a return to the fire and blood of struggles at the advent of capitalism.

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Neue Bücher – Schwarze Flamme und Christlicher Anarchismus

Lucien van der Walt / Michael Schmidt
pb_grossSchwarze Flamme
Revolutionäre Klassenpolitik im Anarchismus und Syndikalismus
Aus dem Englischen übersetzt und mit einem Nachwort versehen von
Andreas Förster und Holger Marcks
Deutsche Erstausgabe
Großformat, Broschur
560 Seiten
€ (D) 39,90
€ (A) 41,10
ISBN 978-3-89401-783-5

»Eine wohldurchdachte und nuancierte Studie der intellektuellen, politischen und Sozialgeschichte des Anarchismus.«

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Neu: The Democracy Project. A history, a crisis, a movement

xIn his latest book David Graeber reflects the occupy movement, where he was involved from the beginnings in New York (Occupy Wall Street). He reviews how the movement emerged and why it was successful, in contrast with many earlier attempts. Among the reasons he finds that it was crucial not to put forward concrete political demands, which could have been worked up by the political apparatus. As main discontent of the 99% he identifies bribery which he shows to be common among the 1%. His analysis of this situation goes back to the historical origins of the United States, which has not been conceived of as a democracy, but rather was thought as an aristocracy. Going even further into history he finds the military origins of democracy in ancient Greece. Contrary to this popularized notion of democracy he uncovers a different one which has existed even longer and has been common in human history, which does not rely on counting votes usually, but on consensus. A great deal of the book is conerned with the question what we can learn both from history and the latest movements.

Format: Hardcover, 352 pages
Appeared: April 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8129-9356-1 (0-8129-9356-X)
With bibliographical references and index

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Neu: An Anarchist’s Story: The Life of Ethel MacDonald

Book cover, front pageDuring 1936 and 1937 Ethel Macdonald, a working-class girl from Motherwell, became one of the world’s most famous voices. Reporting from Spain on the civil war that was tearing the country apart, she made no pretence of impartiality: as a lifelong anarchist, she was utterly committed to the Spanish anarchist camp.
Using contemporary accounts as well as her own words and those of her close associates, Chris Dolan unravels the story of ‚the Scots Scarlet Pimpernel‘, exploring the beliefs that inspired her to play her part in one of the twentieth century’s most significant political struggles. It is a story not only of extraordinary personal bravery and sacrifice, but also of unwavering conviction to the cause, which she maintained even when it meant betrayal by those she fought beside.

By Chris Dolan, 224 pages, contains an index, illustrations and suggestions for further reading, published 2009-04-30, Birlinn, ISBN-13: 978-1841586854

Thanks a lot to the unseen visitor from the Anarchist Bookshop in London, who brought this copy as a gift.

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Neu: Michała Bakunina filozofia negacji

Jacek Uglik

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